Thursday, April 28, 2016

Military Television
Behavior Control of The Masses



  1. A Tale of The internet Shepherd Who Left The Gates Open:
    A Case Study in intellectual dishonesty

    1. Problem: Paying Federal Taxes makes us all Feudal wage slaves.
    2. The solution: call or write to the collection agency to complain about 1% of the problem.

    The IRS Is Just A Collection Agency.

    We do not really need the Federal government at all.

    A more limited bureaucracy is a better idea at all levels of ‘government’.

    Government literally means mind control.

    Complaining to the IRS is pointless.

    Call and bother the elected officials who make the laws in the first place. That’s a place to start.

    Don’t waste your time with the collection agency who cannot change anything.

    The laws need to be changed. The entire system is predicated on bills being signed into laws and these laws being followed by everyone working in the system in the same exact manner soldiers are to follow their orders from their commanders. It is the same thing.

    3. SS?

    What about Social Security? You pay more for it than you might think. This is a heavy burden that comes out of your paycheck. Perhaps you should withdraw your legal consent from all of it…

  2. AA Morris is a nutjob who was locked away last year. Thank God!

    The author of this blog, AA Morris, is obviously out of touch with reality. The negative impact of all this truther social media is devastating. Social psychologists will be figuring this mess out for decades to come. This blog represents the ramblings of a childish mind. I can't imagine an adult hand typing this schizophrenic ranting.
    Crazy conspiracy theory nonsense is bad for your mind!
    Wow this blog is garbage. What a mess! Want to look at something legible? Want something sane?

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