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CIA Anderson Cooper Super Duping NEWS Poopy Scooper & TWA Flight 800

CIA Anderson Cooper Super Duping NEWS Poopy Scooper & TWA Flight 800

The Mainstream Media News is Controlled an State Run

Joseph Campbell defines yellow press newspapers as having daily multi-column front-page headlines covering a variety of topics, such as sports and scandal, using bold layouts (with large illustrations and perhaps color), heavy reliance on unnamed sources, and unabashed self-promotion. The term was extensively used to describe certain major New York City newspapers around 1900 as they battled for circulation.[3]
Frank Luther Mott defines yellow journalism in terms of five characteristics:[4]
  1. scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news
  2. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
  3. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
  4. emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips
  5. dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system.
disney info school = yellow journalism or disinfo!
Where Do Minions & Simon's Parroting Talking Heads on Screens • Sock Puppets Come From?
Why do they only sell fear and dependency on the government bodies?
Where Sgt. Pepper taught Walter Cronkrite, Dan Rather, Bobby Darin & The Beatles & Friends,

How To Tell Yellow Journalism Lies

Are we surrounded by minions? It sure feels like it. We like them. They are really cute and designed for commercial business. These sweet little yellow products just can't help but fly off the shelves. We are lucky to have infinite supply online.
We know that at installations like the Defense Information School, the military trains agents, actors, voice over people, radio disc jockeys, comedians, journalists and behind the scenes production staff. This is where yellow journalism techniques are taught to trained agents who have security clearances. All news media is nothing but yellow journalism. We can see how things really work now. Yellow Journalism is the method for all of this. These sensationalized techniques really date back to the earliest days of religion, obviously. These are basic military style propaganda techniques designed to win a so-called war, before ever having to fire a shot.
The need or motive to fake news and wars dates back to the earliest days of our so-called civilization. Medieval castle walls were sold as protection to the mass of peasantry. The origins of our modern Mafia run global culture emerges from the shadow and into the light. We can use even wikipedia to reveal the truth. All we need to do is keep following a literal web linked trail and we will end up seeing how the United States is nothing but a corporate racket, an unlawful and unnatural front for the banking and currency industry, that represents old European moneyed interests who had originally funded this economic enterprise in the first place, or so they think. This funding was ill gotten gain in the first place of course.
We would call these people the royals. The Queen of England would seem to be the Empress of the World, at least on paper. The Treaty of Paris from 1783 makes for the proverbial eye opening read. The monarch retained more rights than you might know. The United States government is in debt to the royals. This body does not work for us. It works against us. Politicians swear an oath to defend it not us. They swear to uphold the Constitution which means the Government not the people. This is and was a simple bait and switch tactic. We The People, quickly became the Founding Fathers, and a new kind of elite. These men founded their version of a racket. We call this layer of extra governance and crime, the United States Government. Television is its most important medium and the on air talking head is the weapon of mass mental destruction that the government uses to control all of us. This same weaponized culture is online. In fact it is pretty much everywhere in our artificial world. We are so used to it we do not see it. We are like the fish in water who do now know they are in water. Better still we are the tadpole in a pot of water that is about to start boiling.
As it turns out, we are brain washed member of a cargo cult.
There will never not be a so-called National Debt clock ticking away. We get the long con now. We are all economic wage slaves in an inhumane system that is simply  built on lies. This is the racket and this is the crime. War and other false narratives are literally manufactured and promoted with the intent of creating a false impression in our minds. We have to believe we need all the layers of government to protect us from harm. This is why these bodies craft and exaggerate every event that fits this meme. The news media is state run and staffed with military trained minions with security clearances. This is how the show is run and it is run this way online too. Alex Jones is not alone. More minions lurk and the real purpose is to get us to do their job for them. 
Today, the internet is filled with alt media which emulate the practices of the old. Nothing changes. Seemingly amateur web personas might be part of the show. These fellow 'truth seekers' might be no more than dis-information agents, whether on the pay roll or not. We are encouraged to play gatekeepers to ourselves and others and in this manner we are unwitting pawns of the control system.
Minion School
"The Defense Information School, or DINFOS, is a United States Department of Defense (DoD) school located at Fort George G. MeadeMaryland. DINFOS fulfills the Department of Defense's need for an internal corps of professional journalists, broadcasters, and public affairs professionals.[1] Members from all branches of the U.S. military, DoD civilians and international military personnel attend DINFOS for training in public affairs, print journalismphotojournalismphotographytelevision and radio broadcastinglithography, equipment maintenance and various forms of multimedia. The American Council on Education recommends college credit for most DINFOS courses."
"Leadership courses
The Public Affairs Leadership Department is one of four departments in DINFOS.
The Public Affairs Leadership Department offers the Qualification Course (PAQC), the Joint Expeditionary Course (JEPAC), the Joint Intermediate Course (JIPAC), and the Joint Senior Course (JSPAC). Courses are offered to military officers, senior enlisted personnel, Department of Defense civilians, and members of coalition partners from around the world who are preparing for or already in billets of public affairs leadership.
The Public Affairs Qualification Course (PAQC) provides those who are new to the public affairs field the fundamentals of public affairs to include military-media relations, the different mediums used to facilitate the flow of accurate and timely information, and how to conduct public affairs operations in support of the command's mission. In addition, the students are taught the fundamentals of news, journalism, and how to write and copy-edit in accordance with the Associated Press (AP) Styleguide.
The Public Affairs Expeditionary Course is a ten-day, intensive follow-on course to PAQC. Students are expected to have a basic working knowledge and experience in PA as the course is focused more on the application of PA skills in a field environment.

Journalism courses

Journalism classes feature basic writing skills and include a headline style known at the school as "headline-ese", a total style for writing and developing headlines. Students are taught a variety of writing styles and formats such as news, sports and feature writing.
Photojournalism courses focus on composition, exposure, and general camera operation skills. Flash photography is introduced in the basic photography course. Students learn advanced photo-editing, composition and other techniques not taught in basic photojournalism classes.
For military print journalists, DINFOS offers the 12-week Basic Public Affairs Specialist Course (BPASC), a 26-week online BPASC and three-week Editors' Course. U.S. Army students are awarded the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) designator of 46Q, and U.S. Marine Corps students are awarded the MOS 4341 Combat Correspondent.
For military Broadcast journalists, DINFOS offers the Broadcast Communication Specialist Course. Broadcasters begin by attending several weeks of BWAS - Basic Writing and Announcing Skills. If the class requirements are met, students may continue into Radio and Television broadcasting classes. U.S. Army students are awarded the MOS designator of 46R.
Students in all courses hail from all branches of the U.S. military and reserve as well as International military students.

Equipment maintenance courses

The Basic Television Equipment Maintenance (BTVEM) course includes apprentice level instruction in the repair of all types of studio and transmission equipment. Students also learn how to maintain the AVID non-linear digital editing systems. The U.S. Army MOS 25R and the Air Force AFSC 2E134 is awarded upon completion. Since December 2006 Air Force class graduated, DINFOS no longer trains Air Force personnel in the BTVEM course.
The Broadcast Radio and Television Systems Maintenance course is an advanced level course where students learn the ins and outs of American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) engineering standards and practices.
Both maintenance courses are nationally accredited by the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE). Upon completion of either course with an average GPA of at least 85%, students are certified by the SBE as broadcast technologists (CBT)."
“During college, Cooper spent two summers as an intern at the Central Intelligence Agency. Although he has no formal journalistic education, he opted to pursue a career in journalism rather than stay with the agency after school,[14][15] having been a self-proclaimed “news junkie since [he] was in utero.”[16] After his first correspondence work in the early 1990s, he took a break from reporting and lived in Vietnam for a year, during which time he studied the Vietnamese language at the University of Hanoi.”
“Cooper was born in New York City, the younger son of the writer Wyatt Emory Cooper and the artist, designer, writer, and heiress Gloria Vanderbilt. His maternal grandparents were millionaire equestrian Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt and socialite Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, and his maternal great-great-great-grandfather was business magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt, of the prominent Vanderbilt shipping and railroad fortune.[4] He is also a descendant, through his mother, of Civil War brevet Major General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick, who was with General William T. Sherman on his march through Georgia. Through his “Vanderbilt” line, he is a second cousin, once removed, of screenwriter James Vanderbilt.”
“Cooper’s media experience began early. As a baby, he was photographed by Diane Arbus for Harper’s Bazaar.[6][7] At the age of three, Cooper was a guest on The Tonight Show on September 17, 1970, appearing with his mother.[8] At the age of nine, he appeared on To Tell the Truth as an impostor.[9] From age 10 to 13, Cooper modeled with Ford Models for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Macy’s.[10]
Cooper’s father suffered a series of heart attacks while undergoing open-heart surgery, and died January 5, 1978, at the age of 50. Cooper considers his father’s book Families to be “sort of a guide he would have wanted me to live my life and the choices he would have wanted me to make. And so I feel very connected to him.”[10]
Cooper’s older brother, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, committed suicide on July 22, 1988, at age 23, by jumping from the 14th-floor terrace of Vanderbilt’s New York City penthouse apartment. Gloria Vanderbilt later wrote about her son’s death in the book A Mother’s Story, in which she expresses her belief that the suicide was caused by a psychotic episode induced by an allergy to the anti-asthma prescription drug salbutamol. Anderson cites Carter’s suicide for sparking his interest in journalism.
”Loss is a theme that I think a lot about, and it’s something in my work that I dwell on. I think when you experience any kind of loss, especially the kind I did, you have questions about survival: Why do some people thrive in situations that others can’t tolerate? Would I be able to survive and get on in the world on my own?””
Anderson Cooper: TWA Flight 800 Was Shot Down July 17, 2014
“(NaturalNews) At the time, it became one of the most conspiracy-theorized incidents since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy — the downing of TWA Flight 800.

In case you haven’t heard the story, Flight 800 — a Boeing 747-100 airliner - blew up and then crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near East Moriches, New York, on July 17, 1996, around 8:30 p.m. EST, 12 minutes after taking off from John F. Kennedy (irony!) International Airport on a scheduled flight to Rome, following a stopover in Paris. All 230 aboard were, of course, killed, making it the third-worst air disaster.

The official version of events, according to the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board, was that a center fuel tank in the plane exploded due to faulty wiring. But others weren’t buying that.

In fact, the initial FBI investigation worked off the assumption that the plane was brought down by a missile, and the NTSB’s final report, which wasn’t issued until more than four years later, mentioned as much. Six months after the plane crashed, the NTSB’s chairman, Jim Hall, was quoted as saying, “All three theories — a bomb, a missile or mechanical failure — remain.” That speculation was fed by eyewitness accounts of a sudden explosion preceded by trails of fire arcing upward in the sky. Former NTSB investigator Henry Hughes has said he believes that either a bomb or a missile brought the plane down.

Some truths CNN reveals only accidentally. One such truth Anderson Cooper shared on the night of July 17. In speaking about the shoot down of Malaysian airliner MH 17 earlier that day, Cooper referred back to “July 17, 1996, when TWA Flight 800 was shot down off the coast of Long Island in New York.”

Cashill noted that the fate of TWA Flight 800 was “fresh on Cooper’s mind,” as, two days earlier, Cooper hosted a CNN special report on the incident, titled, “Witnessed: The Crash of TWA Flight 800.””

Welcome Back My Friend To The Show That Never Ends:

TWA Flight 800 Another Managed Hoax? Do layers of lies protect just another scripted fictional event? Layers of lies protect the truth more often than not. If it is in the Mainstream (or even alt) media, we must be suspicious, especially if there are mainstream promoted documentaries and books and the like. These supposed accounts of what is sold to the public as actual (un scripted) events are often turned into print, TV and Film productions.

June 19, 2013 - Tom Stalcup, the Co-Producer of 'TWA Flight 800" Documentary joins FNC's Megyn Kelly to discuss new evidence that's been brought forward that sheds a different light on the controversial flight disaster. Former FBI agent, James Kallstrom offers his perspective as well.
Syracuse University Graduate Megyn Marie Kelly - read more below:

The act often involves setting up false paradigms and appeals to authority, appeals to the mass (everyone is doing it) and emotional appeals.

The Airplane Graveyard Could Be The Source of The Crashed Passenger Jet shown in the FOX NEWS footage, above.

The story could just be a cover for some kind of actual mechanical failure that caused a real crash. When we are dealing with the Chicken Little Press and the Boy Who Cried Wolf Government, we can never be sure.

Took a little trip to "teardown" killing some time climbing on some old jets...
“About Tom
Tom Stalcup is a physicist helping to promote integrity within certain US government agencies and news outlets. His effort organizing a team of whistle-blowers to expose high-level corruption within three such agencies was featured in the critically acclaimed documentary ‘TWA Flight 800’.

Dr. Stalcup is President of Upward Innovations Inc., an electronics company that he founded. Upward Innovations designs and produces cellular and satellite environmental monitoring stations that are deployed word-wide. He received a PhD in physics in 2000 from Florida State University, where he investigated the effects of magnetic fields on organic superconductors. At the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Stalcup and his colleagues broke world records measuring the electronic properties of molybdenum in the world’s highest constant magnetic field and at only 0.035 degrees above absolute zero.

Stalcup has been a guest speaker at various political, media, and educational organizations and has appeared on national and international broadcasts, including CNN, NPR, Fox News, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, MS-NBC, 60 Minutes Australia, BBC radio, C-span, and various other news outlets.”

Please notice how Dr. Stalcup is both a Mainstream Media figure and a Mainstream University Physicist.

Is he just another media employed talking head or is he legit?

Empty Appeals To Authority Are Proof Of Nothing.

A real expert provides information for you to study and come to your own conclusions.

All anyone can do is state their opinion and why they believe what they do.

Do You Believe Dr. Stalcup Was Able To Measure 0.035 Degrees Above Absolute Zero, Based Upon His Bio Alone?

Or Do You Think It Possible He Was Involved In The Typical Sort Of Data Manipulation The Mainstream Is So Fond Of?

The Shadow Puppet Play Relies On False Assumptions And Incorrect Paradigms.

Origins: Script Writers

Is it possible that those who script the events move on to more 'legitimate' work?

Do they get rewarded with a chance at a 'cool mainstream gig'?

Don't get me wrong, getting some help from one's friends does not mean the work one does is bad. I like what Geoff Johns has done more so than not. At his best he is capable of crafting a powerfully emotional narrative. My opinion is these people earn their gigs. There are plenty of other talents out there, after all. If his work didn't connect with an audience, DC Comics would have no use for him.

Yellow Journalism
“Joseph Campbell defines yellow press newspapers as having daily multi-column front-page headlines covering a variety of topics, such as sports and scandal, using bold layouts (with large illustrations and perhaps color), heavy reliance on unnamed sources, and unabashed self-promotion. The term was extensively used to describe certain major New York City newspapers around 1900 as they battled for circulation.
Frank Luther Mott defines yellow journalism in terms of five characteristics:
scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news
lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips
dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system.”
Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 1.15.27 PM.png

Geoff Johns: President and Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics 

"His Younger Sister Courtney Was A Victim Of The TWA Flight 800 Crash. The DC Comics Character Courtney Whitmore, Whom Johns Created, Is Based On Her."

“Courtney Elizabeth Whitmore is a superheroine known as Stargirl (often called “Stars” or “Star”) in the DC Comics Universe. Originally known as the second Star-Spangled Kid, she began using the name “Stargirl” after she was presented with the Cosmic Staff by Jack Knight. The character is a creation of Geoff Johns, who based her personality on that of his sister, also named Courtney, who died in the explosion of TWA Flight 800 in 1996.[1] Johns is a fan of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew,[2] and Courtney’s original outfit is similar to Zoo Crew member Yankee Poodle’s; in the comics, this is explained by Courtney being a fan of Yankee Poodle.”
“Geoff Johns (born January 25, 1973) is an American comic book and television writer, film producer, and television producer. He is the president and Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics; he has served in the latter position since 2010. His most notable work in different media has used the DC Comics characters Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash, and Superman. He is well known for his work on The WB/The CW’s Smallville, Arrow and The Flash.

He is also a comic book retailer who co-owns Earth-2 Comics in Northridge, California with Carr D’Angelo and Jud Meyers.

Johns was born in Detroit, Michigan,[3][4] son of Barbara and Fred Johns,[5] and grew up in the suburbs of Grosse Pointe and Clarkston, and attending Clarkston High School.[3][6] He is of half Lebanese ancestry.[7] As a child, Johns and his brother first discovered comics through an old box of comics they found in their grandmother’s attic, which included copies of The Flash, Superman, Green Lantern, and Batman from the 1960s and 1970s. Johns eventually began to patronize a comics shop in Traverse City, recalling that the first new comics he bought were Crisis on Infinite Earth #3 or 4 and The Flash #348 or 349, as the latter was his favorite character. As Johns continued collecting comics, he gravitated toward DC Comics and later Vertigo, and drew comics.[3] After graduating from Clarkston High School in 1991,[5] he studied media arts, screenwriting, film production and film theory at Michigan State University.[4] He graduated from Michigan State in 1995,[8] and then moved to Los Angeles, California”


“There are currently around 442,000 living MSU alumni worldwide giving the school one of the largest number of alumni of any institution of higher learning.[2] Famous MSU alumni include former Michigan governors James Blanchard[196] and John Engler,[197] U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow[198] and Tim Johnson, U.S. Ambassador to Brazil Donna Hrinak, Prime Minister of South Korea Lee Wan-koo, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray, former Jordan prime minister Adnan Badran, billionaire philanthropists Tom Gores, Andrew Beal and Eli Broad,[199] Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court Wallace B. Jefferson,[200] trial lawyer Geoffrey Feiger, former Food and Drug Administration official Peter Rheinstein, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Richard Ford, Teamsters president James P. Hoffa,[201] Quicken Loans founder and billionaire Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert,[202] Sergeant at Arms of the U.S. House of Representatives Wilson Livingood,[203] former Michigan U.S. Senator and Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham,[204] former Vice President of the Republic of Liberia Harry Moniba, and former U.S. Ambassador to Italy Peter Secchia.

Alumni in Hollywood include actors such as James Caan, Anthony Heald,[205] Robert Urich[206] and William Fawcett;[207] comedian Dick Martin, comedian Jackie Martling, film directors Michael Cimino and Sam Raimi, and film editor Bob Murawski,[208] as well as screenwriter David Magee[209] Puerto Rican comedian Sunshine LogroƱo (who has played the occasional Hollywood movie) was a graduate student at MSU.

Composer Dika Newlin received her undergraduate degree from MSU,[210] while lyricist, theatrical director and clinical psychologist Jacques Levy earned a doctorate in psychology.[211] The university has also produced such jazz luminaries as pianist Henry Butler,[212] vibraphonist Milt Jackson,[213] and keyboardist/composer-arranger Clare Fischer.[214]

Journalists include NBC reporter Chris Hansen,[215] AP White House correspondent Nedra Pickler, NPR Washington correspondent Don Gonyea, and veteran Michigan Capitol correspondent and PBS’s Off the Record host Tim Skubick. Novelist Michael Kimball graduated in 1990. Novelist and true crime author R. Barri Flowers, who in 1977 a bachelors and in 1980 a masters in criminal justice, was inducted in 2006 into the MSU Criminal Justice Wall of Fame.[216] Author Erik Qualman graduated with honors in 1994 and was also Academic Big-Ten in basketball. Susan K. Avery, the first woman president and director of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, received an MSU bachelor’s degree in physics.[217] In addition, two of the Little Rock Nine attended Michigan State, including Ernest Green,[218] the first black student to graduate from Little Rock Central High School, and Carlotta Walls LaNier.[219] The University awarded an honorary degree to Robert Mugabe in 1990, but revoked it in 2008.[220]

Spartans formerly or currently in the NBA include Earvin “Magic” Johnson,[140] Greg Kelser,[141] Jay Vincent,[142] Steve Smith,[221] Scott Skiles,[222] Jason Richardson,[223] Mateen Cleaves,[145] Alan Anderson,[224] Zach Randolph,[225] Morris Peterson,[143] Charlie Bell,[144] Johnny Green, Maurice Ager, Shannon Brown,[226] Draymond Green, Denzel Valentine and Deyonta Davis.

On the American Football League’s All-Time Team are tight-end Fred Arbanas[227] and safety George Saimes.[228]

In the National Football League, MSU alumni include Carl Banks, who was a member of the Giants teams that won Super Bowls XXI and XXV. Banks was a standout in their Super Bowl XXI victory in which he recorded 14 total tackles, including ten solo tackles, as well as being part of the NFL’s 1980’s All-Decade Team Morten Andersen,[229] Plaxico Burress,[230] Andre Rison,[231] Derrick Mason,[232] Muhsin Muhammad,[233] T. J. Duckett,[234] Flozell Adams,[235] Julian Peterson,[236] Charles Rogers,[237] Jim Miller,[238] Earl Morrall,[239] Wayne Fontes,[240] Bubba Smith[241] and Drew Stanton.[242] Former MSU quarterback Jeff Smoker now plays in the Arena Football League.[243]

Former Michigan State players in the National Hockey League include All Star Defensemen Duncan Keith, Rod Brind’Amour,[244] Anson Carter,[245] Donald McSween,[246] Adam Hall,[247] John-Michael Liles, Justin Abdelkader, Corey Tropp, brothers Kelly Miller[248] and Kip Miller,[249] as well as their cousins, brothers Ryan Miller[250] and Drew Miller.[251]

Former Michigan State players in Major League Baseball include Hall of Fame inductee Robin Roberts,[252] Kirk Gibson,[253] Steve Garvey[254] and Mark Mulder.[255] Olympic gold medalists include Savatheda Fynes[256] and Fred Alderman.[257] The Spartans are also contributing athletes to Major League Soccer, as Kevin Reiman, Doug DeMartin, Dave Hertel, Greg Janicki, Kenzo Webster, Rauwshan McKenzie, John Minagawa-Webster and Ryan McMahen have all played in Major League Soccer.[258] In addition, Alex Skotarek, Steve Twellman and Buzz Demling played in the North American Soccer League, with Demling playing in the 1972 Summer Olympics and the United States Men’s National Soccer Team in the 1970s.

Ryan Riess, 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion, is a 2012 graduate of MSU.[259]

Miss Michigan 2015, Emily Kieliszewski, is a 2013 graduate of MSU.[260] Miss America 1961, Nancy Fleming, is also a graduate of Michigan State.[261]

NCAA Gymnastics Champion and former Sesame Street Muppet performer Toby Towson is an MSU graduate.

Verghese Kurien was an Indian social entrepreneur known as the “Father of the White Revolution” for his Operation Flood, the world’s largest agricultural development programme. He earned a Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from Michigan State University in 1948.

Tyler Oakley, YouTube personality, graduated from Michigan State University in 2011.”

TWIN CRISIS - Not A Crisis Actor But A Crisis Writer

“Johns eventually began to patronize a comics shop in Traverse City, recalling that the first new comics he bought were Crisis on Infinite Earth #3 or 4 and The Flash #348 or 349, as the latter was his favorite character.

Johns was the writer of the Infinite Crisis crossover limited series (Dec. 2005- June 2006), a sequel to 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.”


Seemingly Defying Astronomical Odds:

Meeting Superman's Richard Donner and a Conspiracy With Mel Gibson

How To Get A Gig with DC Comics - Just Walk in The Door!

(No Writing Samples Needed? No Prior Work Required?)

“In Los Angeles, Johns cold-called the office of director Richard Donner looking for an internship, and while Johns was being transferred to various people, Donner picked up the phone by accident, leading to a conversation and the internship. Johns started off copying scripts, and after about two months, was hired as a production assistant for Donner, whom Johns regards as his mentor.

While working on production of Donner’s 1997 film Conspiracy Theory, Johns visited New York City, where he met DC Comics personnel such as Eddie Berganza, reigniting his childhood interest in comics.

Berganza invited Johns to tour the DC Comics offices, and offered Johns the opportunity to suggest ideas, which led to Johns pitching Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., a series based on the second Star-Spangled Kid and her stepfather, to editor Chuck Kim a year later. Johns expected to write comics “on the side”, until he met David Goyer and James Robinson, who were working on JSA. After looking at Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., Robinson offered Johns co-writing duties on JSA in 2000,[11] and Johns credits both him and Mike Carlin with shepherding him into the comics industry. That same year, Johns became the regular writer on The Flash ongoing series. John’s work on The Flash represents one example of his modeling of various elements in his stories after aspects of his birth town, explaining, “When I wrote The Flash, I turned Keystone City into Detroit, made it a car town. I make a lot of my characters from Detroit. I think self-made, blue-collar heroes represent Detroit. Wally West’s Flash was like that. I took the inspiration of the city and the people there and used it in the books.”

You Will Believe A Man Can Fly

No copyright infringement intended. X-15 1961 Before Top Gun, Apollo 13 or The Right Stuff, this breathtaking, jet-fueled journey of high-altitude filmmaking blasted audiences from zero-G to 4,000 miles per hour with its thrilling tale of America's victory in the space race.

"X-15 is a 1961 dramatic aviation film that presents a fictionalized account of the X-15 research rocket plane program, the test pilots who flew the aircraft, and the associated NASA community that supported the program. X-15 starred David McLean, Charles Bronson, Mary Tyler Moore (in her first feature film role), Kenneth Tobey and James Gregory. The film marked the directorial debut of Richard Donner, and was narrated by James Stewart.”

“Originally planned around the earlier NASA Bell X-2 program, writer/producer and later screenwriter, Tony Lazzarino shopped the project around Hollywood in 1958, appearing under several titles: Exit, Time of Departure and Beyond the Unknown. Lazzarino was successful in teaming with Bob Hope, who wanted to produce the film.[7] After approaching the USAF for stock footage of the X-2 flights, the Pentagon made a recommendation that the newly introduced X-15 aircraft held out much more promise as a film subject.[8] With $350,000 assigned for primary shooting, with an additional $72,500 for post-production work, by August 1960, pre-production had moved from Hope Enterprises (Hope’s film company) to Frank Sinatra’s Essex Productions. After reviewing the initial draft screenplay, Pentagon suggestions clarified that the X-15 test program would be the focus for the upcoming production.[9]
Pentagon assistance was largely responsible for the attention to detail and accurate portrayal of the NASA program.[9] Much of the principal photography for the film was undertaken at Edwards Air Force Base and the NASA High-Speed Flight Station (now the Dryden Flight Research Center) in California, with the direct assistance of NASA, United States Air Force and North American Aviation.[N 4][10] The film featured carefully edited NASA footage of X-15 flights intercut with original photography, with a minimum of special effects work using animation.[11] In a pivotal scene of the chase plane crashing, X-15 used US Air Force archival footage of the “Sabre dance” crash of a North American F-100 Super Sabre.[12] Another critical scene involved the X-15-3 being destroyed on the test stand when the rocket engine exploded, using stock footage of the accident.”

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