Tuesday, October 11, 2016

FULL: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton - Second Presidential Debate - Was...

If this was a serious political process and not just the usual cartoon theater, we'd be watching the two candidates and the 'journalists' discussing the real problems most of us face in a real and adult manner. Instead of that the debates jump from one subject to the next like some kind of game show. The candidates each have only so much time to use to respond and then the reporter or audience members simply jump to new topics, and nothing actually gets discussed in any kind of real meaningful way.
Haven't any of you noticed that none of this matters?

The real problems have nothing to do with any of this. These people only lightly mention the real issues and then they go off on irrelevant tangents. Don't you see how absurd this all is?

We need to be discussing things like ending the unlawful and illogical Drug War which is nothing but a racket designed to get us to pay private enterprise to imprison ourselves and our children over personal behavior choices no one has any right to dictate. We are naturally born free. It is a state of being and not a right. This is common sense. No piece of paper or outside authority can grant what we are naturally born with. All a so-called constitution or bill of rights can do is attempt to limit our freedom, not grant it. Constitutions are not meant to define our rights. We are free to do whatever we like with only ourselves. This is a natural and logical state. What we cannot do, which is what the exact crime against nature that we allow the governments to commit, is to force our will on others. This is the crime and sin. We have no right to cheat, and steal and lie to or kill each other. When we lie to take advantage of another we are committing a real crime - this is a racket and theft. Mafia criminal rackets use strong arm bullying tactics to impose their wills on their victims. This is exactly what the Governments and politicians do to us, and they do so with silver or slivered tongues. These people do not work for us, in case you had not yet noticed. And once they take the oath- once they are sworn into office, they swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the Government which is not the public. They are supposed to protect the system and not any of us.

Do you get the historical con job yet? These people work for the banking industry which represent old world aristocratic money interests and not any of us. We know the politicians are corrupt and that they are paid for by Big Pharma and Banking. What we need to do is not worry about who is elected and learn to demand that government change its criminal ways and actually start acting like promised. We need to stop allowing the media and political parties to divide us. We need to learn what to ask from these people and to not be distracted by their nonsense.

Keep in mind the entire government process is a scam. These elected politicians lie to us all and then swear an oath to the government that does not include actually protecting any of us. They are to protect and defend the county, state or federal governments not you.
These politicians work for big business and banking and we all know it. We know their campaigns are funded by these interests. The winners are all owned by big money interests. They work for them, The losers work for them too. Don't be fooled. The press is part of the game. The new media is run like the old, so the same nonsense is clearly online.

These corrupt politicians then engage in theater for our benefit. We have to believe all of this matters and we have to keep paying put taxes and social security and every other fee. We are economic slaves. America is not the land of the free as we've been sold.

We are supposed to ignore the circular reasoning when these elected and obviously corrupt politicians hand pick life long appointed judges who then also engage in theater but who will more often than not, rubber stamp whatever nonsense Congress or the county or state governments pass into 'law'.

We need to use the jury nullification process to send clear messages to the system. We must End the Drug War and we must do something about the criminal and oppressive tax and social security system. Between income taxes and gas taxes and bridge tolls and license fees and banking fees and cell phone bills and internet bills and every other credit card and banking statement and online form and all the up coming digital social media promoted bit coined nonsense we can consume - we have less and less real freedom and more and more real economic servitude than before the so-called American Revolution. Ever notice how the history since 1776is all about the expansion of Federal power and the banking system Alexander Hamilton is the father of?

The drug war is not only a failure it is a pay for prison con job. Education and common sense need to win out. We cannot stop people from doing what they want to themselves. We can educate and make information and support available, Passing more laws and jailing more people does nothing but fatten the coffers of the corrupt.

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  1. Oh my God!
    The author of this blog, AA Morris, is obviously out of touch with reality. The negative impact of all this truther social media is devastating. Social psychologists will be figuring this mess out for decades to come. This blog represents the ramblings of a childish mind. I can't imagine an adult hand typing this schizophrenic ranting.
    Crazy conspiracy theory nonsense is bad for your mind!
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