Monday, October 10, 2016

Mommy Where Do Minions Come From?

Don’t Panic! 
As it turns out film making is the real business of the Twin Military Towers of “Anglo American Might”.
Everything you think you know is probably wrong but it’s going to be all right. Please be patient and please keep an open mind as you read through this entire article.. Nothing is at it seems. Welcome to a  21st century digital  illuminated manuscript.
Do You Think You Are Free From Propaganda? Do you think the NEWS and Hollywood are independent from the Government?
Ever hear about The Defense Information School? “The Defense Information School or DINFOS, is a United States Department of Defense (DoD) school located at Fort George G. MeadeMaryland. DINFOS fulfills the Department of Defense's need for an internal corps of professional journalists, broadcasters, and public affairs professionals.” This was formed in 1946! The purpose of this school is to brainwash our minds. Don’t believe us? Please keep reading or check out the article index. Please keep an open mind, everything we think we know is probably wrong, we will explain why we make this claim. This is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
Did you ever read or hear about any of these other absurd stories about the ‘War to End all Wars’? What we think of wars and history is more lie than not. Did you know film makers have been faking so-called real war footage for years?  Ever read or hear about the Ghost Army and all the rest? Please keep reading this article.

"What do you do
When history stops in its tracks?"

Please excuse any typos - spell check is evil. We will correct them as we find them. Thank you- AAMorris staff
Most of what we know is wrong. News, wars and history are made of lies more so than not. We have to pan the the proverbial gold from the “sands of time”.

Please see the article index for a list of articles that explain the various forms of fakery we have been subject to for centuries. As it turns our at the highest levels, Hollywood, the NEWs and the Music Industry and the Military are one and the same and have always been. These systems are in service to the same aristocratic global crime ring that the banking and the rest of the system work for.
The master magician/artful creators have crafted and woven fairy tale and history into a tapestry of mythic unity we call culture.
The image and character Jesus Christ is but one version of a long line of solar divinity figures, like the astro-theoogical divinity, Apollo the Sun God. The Son of God and The Sun God are one and the same figure, with the difference having to do with birth. Apollo is born a royal and is akin to the concept of the mythic Pharaoh. This is the divine right of kings imposed unnaturally and artfully onto humanity. This is the basic pyramid scheme structure of both the ancient and modern feudal wage slave based system we all inhabit.
Jesus is supposed to be of common birth and he himself a son of a craftsman or carpenter. Jesus was a craftsman or mason himself.
"The Ancient Greek noun tektōn (τέκτων) is a common term for an artisan/craftsman, in particular a carpenter or wood-worker or builder. The term is frequently contrasted with an iron-worker, or smith (χαλκεύς) and the stone-worker or mason (λιθολόγος)."
Jesus is supposed to return at the end of time to redeem the world of man. We can see how this refers to art being used to enlighten and free the human imagination whereas art has been historically used to enslave human imagination in service of the long standing Global Royal Mafia Ring Con Job/ Criminal Racket. Art used in this fashion is represented in the Bible by the Seven Headed Dragon or Hydra. This art serves the Pharaoh or Solar King, who only thinks and pretends he is God. The Pharaoh is the unnatural and artificial ruler who Moses seeks to free his people from. We must do the same today. 
Jesus represents the natural human revealed. Humans are artists by nature. We craft illusions or lies and deceptions easily. We lie to ourselves and others and in doing so we wittingly or unwittingly do the work of the yellow journal minions of the 666 Multimedia beast. The work of the beast is meant to blind and bind us. It is designed to reinforce the social structure so we do not see we do not need all these layers of government and taxation. History, the news and wars are literally crafted with the intent of tricking us into believing we need the protection of these various institutions when we do not. This is a racket and crime. The news is state run and at the highest levels so is all of the entertainment and so-called 'NEWS' industry.
We call the seven headed monster the 666 Multimedia Beast and it is now online and interactive. This same beast can be turned into the Seven Colored Rainbow and can be used as a bridge to free our minds from the shackles of history. The beast is the news, radio, talk show,  and entertainment industry. The beast is the University system and religious institutions, the beast is the banking system, business and government structure. The beast is the Military Industrial Complex in all its glory and forms.

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    The author of this blog, AA Morris, is obviously out of touch with reality. The negative impact of all this truther social media is devastating. Social psychologists will be figuring this mess out for decades to come. This blog represents the ramblings of a childish mind. I can't imagine an adult hand typing this schizophrenic ranting.
    Crazy conspiracy theory nonsense is bad for your mind!
    Wow this blog is garbage. What a mess! Want to look at something legible? Want something sane?

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